Whiff Magnum Disposable Vape Device by Scott Storch


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Whiff magnum

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At Whiff disposable vape pod by Scott Storch, we’re committed to promoting healthier alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking, battling nicotine addiction, and discouraging underage vaping. Our sophisticated lineup of devices includes the Whiff Magnum, Oversized, Trio, and Whiff Zero, all of which feature a decreasing content of nicotine. With our Magnum option containing 5% nicotine, users can gradually reduce their intake by switching to our Trio device, which features 3% nicotine. And for those looking to quit nicotine altogether, our Whiff Zero device is completely nicotine-free. Scott Storch, a former addict himself, understands the power of addiction and has developed a weaning process to help users overcome their dependence on nicotine. With the Whiff Magnum and our other top-quality devices, users can start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle and ultimately eliminate nicotine altogether.

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Whiff MagnumWhiff Magnum Disposable Vape Device by Scott Storch